The 5 th Japan Powder Technology Forum

Wednesday, August 21st, 8 - 10 AM,Best Western Premier Hotel Solo Baru, Surakarta, Indonesia.

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The 5th Japan Powder Technology Forum is delightedly announced to be held in, as a part of, The 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Powder Technology Indonesia (ICePTi-2019), at Best Western Premier Hotel Solo Baru hosted by Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS), Surakarta, Indonesia.

Japan Powder Technology Forum, in Indonesia, is a promotional event (cooperated by Kanto-area (Tokyo&Tsukuba) Networking Group, Society of Powder Technology, Japan), which aims:

  • to introduce Japanese technologies in powder process industry, and
  • to develop an international network of engineers and researchers, between Indonesia and Japan.

Japan Forums have been successfully held in Jakarta (2012), Surabaya (2013), Bandung (2015, 2017), and for this time, it is our great honor to hold the 5th Japan Forum in such a special occasion and place that Indonesian society organizes the second international conference and exhibition on powder technology.

In the Japan Forum, Japanese companies will have introductions of their technologies (short presentation + poster session), and researchers will give academic presentations (as invited speakers in ICePTi-2019).

Exhibitors information

Ashizawa Finetech Ltd.

Ashizawa Finetech Ltd., one of Japan's oldest machinery manufacturers with a longstanding tradition, was founded in 1903 – the same year the Wright Brothers successfully piloted the world's first, controlled powered flight.

Through four generations, we have run our family business with honesty and pride, as we provide quality machines globally to our clients in Asia, Europe and North America. Today, together with our quarter century long, trusting partner NETZSCH – the world’s leading manufacturer of grinding and dispersing machinery – Ashizawa has been sending out optimal benefits of the Nano Process Technology to the world.

Major products:

  • Bead Mills : Grinding and Dispersing Machines
  • Nano- and submicron-size particle reductions

Ohkawara Kakohki Co., Ltd.

Custom-Tailored Spray dryers: Laboratory use, medium-scale production and large industrial open and closed spray dryers, open and closed spray coolers, fluidized bed systems, exhaust gas coolers and treatment equipment, modifications of all Ohkawara basic model series on customer request. Please do not hesitate to contact us for your special inquiry.

Major products:

  • Spray dryer
  • Spray coolers

Kajiwara Inc.

Since 1939 Kajiwara has been producing various type of cooking & mixing machinery for fine food. We have 10,000 customers in domestic market and delivered to the customers in over 30 countries. For quality improvement in volume production, labor saving, production stability, safety and sanitary, Kajiwara offers you a successful solution.

Test our machines! You can test your products with our machines at Singapore laboratory in Science Park. Kajiwara Singapore PTE Ltd. welcomes you.

Major products:

  • Cooking Mixers for Food Processing

Kett Electric Laboratory

We are a measurement instruments manufacturer, with a focus on moisture testers. We offer Agricultural Moisture Testers, Coating Thickness Testers, Infrared Moisture Determination Balances, Lumber Moisture Testers, and more. We have developed various measurement instruments by considering what sort of instruments are needed and pursuing precision and ease of use. Our products are also sold extensively overseas with a focus on grain moisture testers.

Major products:

  • Powder Whiteness Tester
  • Infrared Moisture Determination Analyzer
  • Grain Moisture Meter


Seishin Enterprise Co., Ltd. has always been engaged in manufacturing from customer's perspective since its inception on 1968. Seishin's main businesses are development, manufacturing, sales and after sales service of various powder measuring equipment, development, design, manufacture and sales as well as plant design and construction using main equipment, custom powder processing service started as an indigenous system, sale of recycled materials by the Functional Materials Division, and import and sale of inorganic and organic processed products from overseas. And then there is the R&D Division that supports these businesses of Seishin technologically and is engaged in development and inoovation of new equipment and materials.

  • Powder Measuring Equipment.
  • Powder Manufacturing Devices.
  • Custom Processing Powder.
  • Manufacturing and sale of Functional Materials.
  • Development of Equipment and Materials and Functional Materials.

Major products:

  • Jet Mill
  • Clussifier
  • Automated Sieving Particle Size Analyzer
  • Automated Image Analyzer
  • Trouble Solving Equipment - Air Knocker

Tsutsui Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.

TSUTSUI - Powder Flowability Test unit is certified by JIS and is widely used for various industries, such as 3D printers, etc. Sieve Shaker, Sonic Sifters and Bulk Density measurement device can also be offered. Powder manufacturers have been continuously using TSUTSUI instruments for quality control/assurance. We can customize instruments to meet clients' needs.

Major products:

  • Hall Flowmeter
  • Sonic Sifter
  • Super Micro V-shape Mixer
  • Pencil type Powder Sampler


Toyo Hitec has been one of the leading engineering companies specialized in powder plants, having more than 50 years of experience in providing a wide range of equipment and plant engineering to many companies in various industries. Also our company has built many powder plants in China, Southeast Asia and North America. Our company established subsidiaries in China, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia to conduct a comprehensive powder plant construction including planning, estimation, design, procurement, on-site construction and commissioning.

Major products:

  • Conveying
  • Discharge
  • Measuring and filling
  • Feeding
  • Classification


Since the company was founded in 1924, Tokuju has been at the forefront of the powder and granule processing technology serving for pharmaceutical, food, chemical and metallurgical industries. Based upon the extensive process expertise gained over many years of supplying the powder and granule handling equipment, Tokuju is in the position of supplying customers with total package for the processing of powders as the unit machineries.

Major products:

  • Separator
  • Mixer
  • Dryer & Cooler
  • Pulverizer
  • Conveyor


Eriez, a privately held company, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of separation, material handling and inspection equipment used throughout process industries like food, plastics and chemicals, mining, aggregates, metalworking and recycling. The applications and production methods requiring our equipment are universal around the world. Through innovation, organization and diversification, Eriez has evolved into a technologically advanced, financially sound, international company with manufacturing facilities in Australia, Brazil, China, Europe, India, Japan, Mexico and South Africa, as well as its Erie, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. headquarters. Eriez has sales offices across the United States and some 80 international markets on five continents. Especially, Eriez Magnetics Japan is working with various and leading Japanese companies in powder handling industry in the world. We will cooperate and support for you with our unique technology and knowledge.

Major products:

  • Magnetic Separators
  • Vibratory Feeders
  • Eddy Current Separators
  • Electrostatic Separator
  • Column Flotation Separator


Hakaru Plus is established in 1916. Hakaru Plus's weighing technology for difficult-to-handle materials and powders contributes to the high quality found in today's fine ceramics, batteries, laser printer toners, and magnetic materials for the electronics and automotive industry. Hakaru Plus's independently developed technology in this field has been chosen for critical process applications on a worldwide basis.

Major products:

  • TSU High-Mix Low-Volume Weighing Machine
  • TSU-1 Automated Powder Weighing Machine
  • TSU-F2 Powder weighing and filling machine
  • TMS Manual Weighing Management System
  • Liquid Weighing Machine


Makino starts selling pulverizer since 1925 in Tokyo Japan. We provide powder handling equipment and system especially we are good at pulverizer. Our motto is unique and convenient company of powder handing field. We can support you with well experienced technology and full heart mind.

Major products:

  • Pulverizer
  • Classifier
  • Mixer

Matsushima Measure Tech Co., Ltd.

Matsushima Measure Tech provides solutions for 'measurement' on powder handling process such as level measurement, dust emission monitoring, solid flow the state-of-the-art radar and triboelectric technologies.

Major products:

  • Triboelectric Dust Monitor
  • Radar Level Transmitter
  • Microwave Flow Monitor

Matsubo Corporation

Since 1949, we are introducing the state of art technology into Japanese industry, not limited to machinery sales but also licensee based local manufacturing adapting the individual market requirement. Now, our capability of building “technical bridge” of advanced technology is extended to South East Asia and we will set up our office in [email protected] since 2019 Autumn. As the first step, we like promote 'Powder Processing Technology', which is one of the most important part of our activity. Please contact with us through our web-site, or, directly with our local office in [email protected]

Major products:

  • MILDER, the continuous emulsion-dispersing machine
  • Crack-U-Lator, the size-reduction machine
  • Elbow-Jet & HIPREC, the air classifier
  • Pulverizer
  • Vibration Sieve

Tokyo Screen Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Screen Company Limited was established as the only manufacturer of test sieves (standard sieves, JIS Z 8801) in Tokyo. As a leader in the industry today, we have gained customer confidence. As a testing organization that meets the requirements of the international standard ISO/IEC 17025, we are certified as a registered authentication body. We can issue calibration certificates with the ilac.MRA symbol mark with regard to JIS Z 8801-1 test sieves.

Major products:

  • ISO/IEC17025 Calibration Laboratories (TEST SIEVES)
  • Ultrasonic Vibration Sieving Machine

Koei Sangyo Co., Ltd. 

The top brand supports your sieving process with innovative technologies. The basic principle of KOEI’s Vibro Separator is a pair of unbalancing weights installed at vertical ends of a motor axis, which are capable of converting the motor rotation info a 3D motion including horizontal, vertical and tangential movement. We customize separators in response to various facility requests, and now many KOEI separators are active in the sieving process of various business fields.

Major products:

  • Vibro Separator
  • Ultrasonic Vibro Separator
  • Cassette type separators are affixed CE marking
  • Classifler


JP Global Transtech
[email protected]
(+62) 8572 006 0859
(+62) 8131 902 5482

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