Application for Participation

Please complete the attached application form and send it to JP Global Transtech Office (Bandung Techno Park, Jl. Telekomunikasi Dayeuh Kolot Bandung), the exhibition management office. Please also send the filled application form by e-mail to [email protected] Those who are participating the ICePTi 2017 requested to submit a copy of the companyʼs brochure and catalogue(s) for the product(s) to be exhibited. In the event that applied exhibit is deemed to be unsuitable for the exhibition, the participation may not be accepted.

Deadline for Application

July 10 , 2017 (The application is closed when the booths are fully booked.)

Payment Date of The Participation Fee

After receiving the application form, the organizer will send the exhibitor confirmation by mail together with the invoice. The exhibitor shall pay 100% of the participation fee when making the application. The payment of the participation fee must be made in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), and all commissions concerning the bank transfer and exchange rate are also charged to the exhibitor. Please transfer the fee after receiving the invoice. In the event of the exhibitor failing to pay the participation fee by the application deadline (July 10 , 2017), an exhibition booth cannot be reserved.

The payment should paid by bank transfer to:

Bank Mandiri
Cab. Unpad Jatinangor
JP Global Transtech

Cancellation After Application

Cancellation of applied number and space of the booth as a whole or part is not basically accepted. In the event that such a cancellation is deemed as reasonable or unavoidable by the exhibition organizer, the cancellation dates and fees are as follows;

Before June 30, 2017 50% of the participation fee
July 1 -10, 2017 80% of the participation fee

Items Included in Participation Fee

  • Basic booth rental (using back panel and side panel/octanorm system)
  • Electricity single phase 400 watt/MCB 2 A lights per booth (for exhibitor of A/B booth)
  • Participants company nameplate with booth number
  • Usage fee of the exhibition site.
  • Construction and maintenance fees for common facilities. Costs for exhibition management office, safety and security managements. 3 nights hotel City Tour Transportation to location from and to hotel.

Items Not included In Participation Fee

  • Booth decoration
  • Interpreter
  • Compensation costs for causing a damage or loss to the facilities and equipment at the exhibition hall and the exhibits of others.
  • Insurance costs for participants own exhibits and personal injuries.
  • Other fees and costs, which are not usually included in the participation fee.


It is prohibited for the participants or applicants to sublet, sell, assign or exchange the exhibition space as a whole or part.

Liability for Damages

Exhibition Management not responsible for the following cases:
  1. If the exhibitor and its agents cause damage to other exhibition booths, management facilities for the exhibition or facilities in the exhibition hall, and persons.
  2. Damage to properties and persons from when the exhibits are carried in until they are removed.
  3. The organizer shall decide whether to postpone or cancel the exhibition when the organizer deems that it is difficult to hold the exhibition due to disasters, such as natural disasters and man-made disasters, and force majeure. In the event of the cancellation of the exhibition, the organizer will refund the participation fee after deducting the necessary expenses. The organizer will not be responsible for compensation including other expenses and damages incurred.
  4. Accidental misspellings and omissions in the media and materials published and provided by the organizer.

Carrying in and Carrying Out Exhibits

Without the authorization of the organizer, no transportation of product(s) is allowed during the exhibition. Maintenance and cleaning of booth, including product(s)/ decoration items should be done with the exhibitors' own care.

The exhibitor must remove all exhibits after the end of the exhibition. The exhibitor is strictly prohibited from leaving them in the hall.

Noise Control

Highest care should be taken by the Exhibitor in order not to disturb the neighboring exhibitors.

Management and Exemption Clause

The Organizer is entitled to enact or modify various provisions in order to have smooth management of the Exhibition. Also for matters not mentioned in this page, additional provision or alteration may allow. Exhibitors offend the provision mentioned in this page or in the other catalog, may asked for deportation. In such case payment already made shall not be returned to the Exhibitors. The Organizer, cooperation with a security company, will pay highest attention to the security of exhibition hall, however the Organizer is not liable for loss, damage, or burglary of product(s).


Show Period, Bump-In & Bump-Out :
Facility work by organizer August 7, 2017 14.00-16.00
Bump in August 7, 2017 16.00-21.00
Exhibition dates August 8-9, 2017 09.00-16.00
Bump out August 9, 2017 19.00


Any question relating the exhibition could send to : JP Global Transtech, Bandung Techno Park Phone : 022-8888420
Fax : 022-88884199
E-mail : [email protected]
Mobile : 0853 1672 3191 (Irfan Miswari)