• Journal
    JP Global Trantech is Open Access publishing journals contain scientific fields which support the science and technology development. Publishing in JP Global Transtech journal starts with finding the right journal for your paper. For those who would like to publish your paper in our journal please, please visit the relevant link in our web
  • Conference Proceeding and Indexing
    JP Global Transtech Publications offers an array of conference proceedings and indexing services designed to make your conference publication a success at every stage from manuscript preparation to finished product – and we give you the opportunity to track your job’s progress along the way (providing weekly e-mail updates from the beginning of the project through delivery). Most importantly, JP staff will design and produce your proceedings in the manner that works best for you – as a bound book, CD-ROM, Flash Drive or online with password protection – or any combination of these
  • Publication and Book Shop
    JP Publication offers high quality matrial and design with a competitive price. Our publishing service supported with current technology printing and human resouces staff experience in the field. We offers also another publisher to join us in enhancing their sales volume. For this scheme, our staff will contact you.

Science and Technology Promotion

  • International Conference Management
    Planning an event or a conference can be an overwhelming task and we know it takes hard work to ensure its success. Whether your event is taking place in hotel or campus, the professional and experienced staff at JP Foundation can assist you with all the details. JP offer a variety of services, including processing registrations, hotel room , transportation, media, food and beverage planning, special event, city tour, budgeting, and financial reconciliation. We can also assist you with the development of mailing lists and promotional materials as well as organize and assemble mail-outs and registration packages.
  • International internship
    JP Internship program is a unique programs for bridging international student who wants learns about Indonesian company culture and research center. Our internship program is part of a JP initiative that prepares international citizens to be leaders in a global world. Now more than ever, it is important that international student have the necessary linguistic skills and cultural knowledge. JP internship is a self finance program and eligible for university students and recent graduates from all over the world . The periode of program is between 1 - 6 months. While in the first month , you will learn about Indonesian language and culture. JP offers the internship also for Indonesian student and recent graduate who want interns through our organization partner abroad.
  • International Student Exchange on Science and Language (ISESL)
    ISESL is a one month program designed by JP Global Transtech for international student. Our main concern is relating with transfer of science and technology. We believe that the developed of science and technology innovation will contribute towards human welfare and peace. SLSE program aims is to equip international students with science and technology experience, linguistic skills and cultural knowledge to promote international dialogue. It’s a unique program, where the participants will learn about indonesian language at basic level, Industrial and science center visiting, museum visits, learning how to make indonesian hand craft and food, enjoying the ecotourism places, indonesian cultural show, and much more.
  • Science and Tech. Awards
    We give the opportunities for scientists and researchers to be recognized and rewarded for their significant role in the global academic and scientific community. Especially we introduce a program for the promotion of science for young generation by recognizing them through a ward for young scientist.
  • Innovation in Science & Tech. Journalism
    We give the opportunities for individual or to have a special training for a Science & Tech. Journalism includes technical writing and publishing. Various topics on the science and technology system and development to enrich the participant views on Sci., Tech and innovation are clarified in relation to the economic and culture development.
  • Innovation consulting and financing link
    We gives consultant services for the local government on the financing link to national and international financing support institutions for the implementation of useful innovation for the local community and environment.

Innovation Technology Hub

  • SciTech News and e-Magazine
    We will highlight recent science, technology and innovation development by means of Science & Tech. Journalism for general readers. For govt. research institutes, university, industry researchers or individual are welcome to send their reviews on current issues of science, tech. and innovation in relation to economic, social and culture development to our Sci.Tech News and e-Magazine. All manuscript is subject to editorial process before publishing.
  • Innovation Directory
    We provide the community a kind of service to allow inventor and user are meet or link for their future business development. Opportunity is open for highlighting your invention or product summary in our Innovation Directory. Applicant should fill a form for a letter of agreement on their nature of their inventions/product should be published or promoted.